Here's What Our Customers Say

"Several years ago we purchased every Aircenter modification available for our Shrike Commander as part of purchase, complete restoration, and updating of the aircraft. 

All of the STCs and other modifications offered by Aircenter make the Shrike a better, faster, and safer aircraft.  The Cool Air air conditioning system works flawlessly, and keeps the Shrike comfortable even during the Texas summer heat!

While the Shrike is a superb aircraft as designed, the Aircenter enhancements set new standards of comfort and safety, far exceeding much newer and more expensive aircraft.”

Gary L. Evans, The Woodlands, Texas

"Dear Gary,

If you want to put on your hat that says, “I told you so”, go ahead. I know I was hesitant when you described the Aircenter “Cool Air” modification, but I’m glad your logic prevailed. The “extravagance” has become a necessity, and has added a measurable comfort factor to my flying. As you well know, summer here in Phoenix can be uncomfortable if not dangerous. A person could taxi to 26L at Sky Harbor Airport and fry two eggs on the windscreen before getting takeoff clearance. Your Cool Air unit allows me to connect external power and pre-cool the airplane to a comfort level not available in a Commander previously. With 16, 500 BTU, even my wife is uncomplaining! That in itself justifies the cost of the unit.

With all the other modifications you were doing to the airplane, I must say I overlooked this gem. The engineering is first class, the documentation is thorough, and it is obvious that a lot of thought went into this product. I like the fact that the compressor unit is unobtrusive and tucked behind the baggage compartment bulkhead. Mounting the compressor on the old radio rack made a lot of sense, as did retaining the more-than-ample Commander Baggage space. The protected 95 amp alternator system allows for an excellent safety margin, and I just can’t see any negative trade-offs (that were made) in achieving this level of comfort. I can see why Cool Air will be riding in the Grand Renaissance Commander series……I like flying in that kind of company!

If you have a prospective Cool Air customer who is hesitant or curious, have him/her give me a call. I once heard that Gary Gadberry could sell air conditioning to an Eskimo in the dead of winter. I can tell you there is one Commander Owner in the heat of Arizona who is bullish on Cool Air!"

John McDonald, N6275X