Cool Air Systems Add Creature Comfort.

Here's What Our Customers Say

"I own a 1975 Cessna 310. I had been thinking about putting air conditioning in for a couple of years. I was familiar with a well known after market AC unit that fit on the rear hat shelf in the cabin. I wasn't too excited about that unit because it seemed like an an overpriced window air conditioner.

Then it happened. Last year on my way to take my family to see Mickey Mouse and company in Florida, one of the visiting passengers got sick. We were fine at altitude high, smooth and cool. But coming down, light turbulence and rising outside air temperature made things uncomfortable.

After that trip, I decided to get air conditioning. I remembered getting a post card in the mail from Aircenter about their Cool Air system for the 310.  I contacted Aircenter and decided to buy the Cool Air system. It was an easy decision when I compared the Cool Air system with the other unit.

The Cool Air system is located behind the cabin bulkhead leaving the hatshelf free. It is also 13 pounds lighter and has 4,500 more BTU's than the other product. The other window air conditioner unit puts cold air out from the rear of the aircraft leaving the passengers to freeze and the pilot and copilot to sweat. Aircenter's Cool Air system uses an overhead cabin duct with individual air vents for each seat including ones for the pilot and copilot. It looks factory.

One of the best things about my Cool Air purchase was the customer service I have received from Aircenter and Gary Gadberry. Constant communication during and after the sale, even now, is great.  Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

The only thing I regret is not installing the Cool Air system sooner."

Dr. Gary McCord, MD