The Aircenter enhancements set new standards of comfort and safety, far exceeding much newer and more expensive aircraft.

Here's What Our Customers Say

"Thank you so much for your support and expertise with the Cool AirTM system.  We have long suffered in Louisiana with aircraft that didn't have cooling systems.  Our passengers love the volume and temperature that the Cool AirTM system puts out. 


"As a pilot, I especially like that I can run the Cool AirTM system on the ground with a GPU before the passengers arrive.  The cabin cools in minutes.  Gone are the days of sitting on the runway, waiting for the takeoff clearance and having my passengers dying in the back asking if the air-conditioner is even on.


"Continued success to you and give a big thank you to the engineers for over-engineering this system.  They always say, 'You can never have enough runway or air conditioning on the ground'.  At least you have solved one of these."

Brian Blessing,   Chief Pilot
Global Data Systems Inc.