Adding tinted windows reduces cabin temperature.

Half Inch Tinted Passenger Windows


Reduces Cabin Noise
Lowers Cabin Temperature
New Airplane Appearance


Price of Kit:
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Additional Information

Most Twin Commanders that are flying today are still fitted with original cabin windows that were manufactured more than 50 years ago. Most of these windows are sun crazed and in need of being replaced. The original windows were clear and only 1/8th inch thick. The Aircenter windows are tinted and are 1/2" thick making for a quieter cabin with less noise and vibration. These windows are recommended when the Cool AirTM air-conditioner mod is installed. The dark tinting helps cool the cabin by blocking out sun light. The 1/2" tinted cabin windows are approved for all 500 and 600 series Twin Commanders. The kit can be installed in 12 hours.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.