Shrike Nose


Increase Speed
Less Drag
Allows Use Of Radar


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Additional Information

The production of the piston engine powered Commanders first began in 1952 and ended with the 500S "Shrike" series in 1979. During its long production run, the basic design continued to evolve and be perfected. It is possible to take an older Twin Commander and install airframe mods to make it look and perform like the later models.


In 1965, a company by the name of JW Miller designed an extended fiberglass nose cone for the Twin Commander aircraft. The extended nose greatly improved the appearance of the Twin Commanders. The factory was so impressed by the streamlined nose, that they purchased 100 nose kits from the JW Miller Company. They incorporated the nose in their production run for several years. In 1969, Aero Commander started building their airplanes with a metal nose similar to the "Miller" nose. The Aircenter, Inc. aerodynamic extended nose fits right over the existing shell and the enclosed landing lights blend into one smooth continuous line. The old blunt appearance is gone and you now have an updated new appearance.


The Shrike nose adds greater stability, control, speed, and reduces drag. The radome nose will accommodate most Radars. All skins are constructed of lightweight vacuum formed, honeycomb reinforced fiberglass construction. The nose weighs only 38 pounds. The Shrikes built from 1969 and later are heavier due to the nose cone being constructed of aluminum instead of lightweight fiberglass. The Shrike Nose STC is approved for all 500 and 600 series Twin Commanders and is made of lightweight fiberglass. The kit can be installed in 80 hours.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.