Flap Gap Seals

Flap Gap Seals


Increases Speed, Rate Of Climb, & Roll Rate
Less Drag
Increase In Fuel Efficiency
Customers See a Difference


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Additional Information

The Flap Gap Seals are installed on the top and bottom of the wings. There is a large opening between the flaps and the bottom of the wing. The Flap Gap Seal will seal this opening between the top and bottom of the flaps. When the flaps are in the up position, lifting air pressure can no longer escape through this gap, thus the increased lift improves rate of climb and performance. Installation of Flap Gap Seals will also reduce wing vibration during climb out. Our Flap Gap Seal STC is the same type as you find on the Turbo Commanders.


The Flap Gap Seals increase overall airspeed by six knots. Installation of the Flap Gap Seals will greatly improve slow speed roll control, resulting in better short field take-off and landing capabilities. Our STC is approved for all 500 and 600 series Twin Commanders. The kit can be installed in two days. It truly pays for itself with increased speed resulting in less fuel burn per hour of operation.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.