Update your Commander's look with the Square Rudder Cap.

Square Rudder Cap Plus Teardrop Beacon


Increases Speed
Less Drag
Better Directional Control
Increase In Fuel Efficiency

Modern Turbo Commander Look


Price of Kit:




Additional Information

Aircenter's new vertical tip assembly has a very distinctive profile. The vertical stabilizer cap increases speed due to less frontal area because a teardrop-flashing beacon replaces the standard large protruding rotating beacon. The clean, squared-off design gives more square inches on the side of the vertical for better stabilizing and directional control. It immediately gives your Twin Commander the late model Turbo Commander look. The Square Rudder Cap STC is approved for all 500 and 600 series Twin Commanders and is made of lightweight fiberglass. The kit can be installed in eight hours.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.