Long Ranger II Extended Fuel Mod


Safety, Special Mission Profile, Increased Range,
Increase Capacity by 59 Gallons, New total fuel capacity goes to 282 US gallons.


Price of Kit:
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SA 1089SW


680, 680E, 680F, 680T, 680V, 680W, 560E, 560F

Additional Information

How many times have your filed your flight plan to your destination only to find that it is forty five minutes further than you can safely fly without running dangerously low on fuel? Aircenter, Inc.'s new Extended Range Fuel Mod now enables you to safely fly for over SIX hours - NON STOP at 75% cruise power.


If you have a special mission for your Aero Commander or just want the peace of mind knowing you have more than enough fuel for those trips where unexpected head winds slow you down, our Long Ranger II fuel mod is the answer. This gives you an extra margin of safety when flying over water or mountains, in-between fuel stops or for longer trips with legal IFR reserves. If you frequently land short of your long distance flights, you will appreciate the added range that Aircenter, Inc.'s Long Ranger II extended fuel mod can provide.


Our Long Ranger II fuel tanks are made of proven vulcanized synthetic rubber construction; built this way to provide years of trouble free use. The eight bladders (four in each wing, just outboard of the factory-installed wing tanks) are totally contained within the wings and installed though small holes in each bay. The Long Ranger II fuel cells are factory new and carry a five year warranty. Aircenter, Inc.'s Flap Gap Seals can also be installed, giving your Aero Commander even more range due to the extra six knots of cruise speed it gains from aero dynamic clean up.

Just think about it: Chicago non stop to Miami , New York to Fort Lauderdale ; Miami to San Juan , Puerto Rico, without stopping at Grand Turk; Houston to Palm Springs . Take advantage of tail winds and set your mind at ease on those IFR flights when the requirements for an alternate make it difficult. The Long Ranger II fuel mod makes those alternates well within range.


Your Aero Commander actually becomes faster on long cross country flights, eliminating the need for additional fuel stops. On the average, it adds an hour to your flight when you have to descend from altitude and land for additional fuel. Take advantage of low fuel prices. With the Long Ranger II fuel mod you can tanker fuel from your home base.

Since letdown for refueling and climb back up to cruise altitude makes up some of the most detrimental engine time, our extended range tanks can contribute significantly to longer engine life. They also contribute to greater flight scheduling flexibility and provided that all important margin of safety.


Call today and order our Long Ranger II extended fuel system STC. Aircenter, Inc. can arrange for pick up and delivery of your Aero Commander with a minimum of down time during installation. We have sold or modified more piston powered Aero Commander's than anyone in the world. If you are interested in "MOD'S TO MAKE YOU GO," give us a call. All Aircenter, Inc.'s STC's have been FAA tested and approved with PMA authority. This kit can be installed at our authorized installation center or can be installed by your favorite Twin Commander Service Center . Our installation team can be dispatched to do the installation at your home base.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.