Eyebrow Windows Provide Great Visibility

Eyebrow Windows


SafetyAllows Over-The-Wing Visibility During Turns

Removes Blind Spot In Right Turns

Modern Shrike & Turbo Commander Look


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Installation Process:

Additional Information

If you have ever made a right turn and did not have the benefit of an extra set of eyes in the co-pilot seat, you know that you are making a dangerous blind turn. We consider this mod to be one of the most important things that you can do to your Twin Commander. With the installation of the Eyebrow Window kit, you can see completely through the right turn, avoiding any conflicting traffic. The Twin Commander is one of the few airplanes that flies like a jet, in the respect that the pilot is out in front of the engines and props.


With the addition of the Eyebrow Windows, the pilot has one of the best views from the flight deck of any piston-powered aircraft built. The primary reason for the Eyebrow Windows for the pilot and co-pilot is safety. The earlier Twin Commanders didn't have the "over the wing viewing" that the later models offered. As an example, while making a right turn, the pilot's view is almost totally blanked out. With the Eyebrow Window STC, the pilot is able to view the entire turning radius for flight safety.


The Eyebrow Windows are constructed of dark tinted Plexiglas to help filter out bright sun light. The shape of the windows is slightly smaller than the factory installed windows that you find on the later model Shrikes. Our windows have a cleaner design and fit the 500 series better than the larger model 685 Eyebrow Windows that the factory used on the Shrikes beginning in 1970. The Eyebrow Window STC is approved for all 500 and 600 series Twin Commanders. The kit comes complete with new overhead fiberglass moldings and can be installed in about 40 hours.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.