Exhaust Gas Deflectors


Keeps Top Of Engine Nacelle's Clean

Helps Eliminate Exhaust Corrosion and Exhaust Stains


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Additional Information

The flat Nacelle Twin Commander's exhaust system is designed to dump the exhaust out the top of the engine nacelles. This makes for a quieter aircraft but causes the top of the wings to become dirty from the exhaust trail. Exhaust traces are very corrosive. It is a common Twin Commander problem to have to replace the top skins and rivets in the nacelle area due to exhaust corrosion.


The Aircenter Exhaust Deflector STC helps eliminate the costly problem and keeps your airplane looking nicer longer between wash jobs. The Exhaust Deflectors are made of aircraft quality stainless steel. They are STC approved for all flat nacelle 500 and 600 Twin Commanders. Installation time is eight hours. Keep your Twin Commander looking sharp!

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.