High output alternators reduce electrical problems.

90 AMP High Output Alternators

Increased Reliability
Lighter Weight Than Old Generators
Required for Cool Air Installation


Price of Kit:


Additional Information

If you are tired of replacing your old 50 amp Delco Generators, Aircenter, Inc. has the solution to all of your electrical problems. When the Twin Commander was first built, alternators were not available. The kit comes complete with new alternators, Electronic Voltage regulators and all new wiring to completely update your Twin Commander electrical system. The kit even has alternator failure warning lights to alert you should you loose one of your alternators in flight. The alternator kit utilizes a dual alternator belt for redundancy. New dual Ring Gears assemblies come with the kit. Optional electrical hot props required that the ring gears be de-iced and are priced additional to cover the cost of the de-iced ring gears assemblies. Please call for current pricing.


The 90-amp alternator STC is required to power the Cool AirTM air-conditioner for the Twin Commanders. The high output Alternator STC uses factory-new Hartzel Engine Technologies Power Systems alternators and state-of-the-art electronic voltage regulators. They each carry a one year warranty. The new light-weight alternators are significantly lighter than the old-style generators. The high output Alternator STC is approved for the 500B, 500U and 500S series of Twin Commanders and requires 40 hours to install.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.