Cool Air Customer Testimony

Cool AirTM Installation Process

Each Cool AirTM unit is carefully installed at one of our authorized installation centers. A typical installation is as follows:
  1. The cowling, access covers, seats and side panels are removed.
  2. Exhaust and intake openings are cut into the bottom aft section of the aircraft. Doublers are added to reinforce the area as well as screens so that no debris can enter the fuselage. An exhaust plenum is added for the compressor exhaust hot air.
  3. All structural members are coated for a very durable finish.
  4. The compressor and evaporator are installed, as well as a "soft start" that allows the compressor to come on line without any stress to the electrical system.
  5. If the aircraft has an existing suitable air ventillation duct, we will connect the evaporator unit to it. If not, a new overhead fiberglass duct is added.
  6. All of the electrical components and wiring are installed. All connections are soldered and protected with heat shrink, (no butt splices). There is an auto load shed protector installed, to which the aircraft systems such as landing lights, flaps, and heater are connected. When one of these items is turned on, or in the event of an alternator failure, the air conditioner compressor unit will automatically turn off.
  7. The system is charged and tested for leaks.
  8. You get to enjoy the creature comforts of your new Cool AirTM system!


Aircenter's Cool AirTM unit carries a one-year warranty. Installation normally runs about 125 hours. For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.