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Cool AirTM System for Cessna 310 Q&R

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When the Twin Cessna 310 Q&R models were first built, air-conditioning was not available for executive aircraft. We now live in an air-conditioned world. Our homes and offices are climate controlled. We drive to the airport in an air-conditioned car. And then we fly in an aircraft that was not originally designed with this creature comfort in mind.

Now you have a choice. With a Cool AirTM air-conditioner for your Twin Cessna 310 Q&R models, you and your passengers will not mind those hot sweaty days of waiting on the tarmac for ATC clearance prior to take off and you will arrive at your destination refreshed. Air-conditioning helps your passengers handle those days when the combination of turbulence and heat take their toll.

The Cool AirTM air-conditioner is the first modern Freon Air Conditioner system approved for Twin Cessna 310 Q&R models utilizing the new R-134A refrigerant. The units weighs only 57 pounds, and it is fully electric allowing the pilot to ground cool his aircraft with a GPU prior to engine start. 38 degree air at the air vents within five minutes of start up. The condenser module is rated at 16,500 BTU and is remotely mounted behind the baggage compartment. The evaporator and blower fans are mounted behind the rear baggage bulkhead. This allows for complete use of the baggage area. The controls are within easy reach of the pilot. There is a HI and LOW fan switch for comfort. The electrical system is protected with the use of an automatic load shed device for safety. Dual evaporators and blowers for maximum cooling and air velocity. The aircraft must be fitted with two 100 amp alternators in order to power the electrical air unit.

Aircenter's Cool AirTM unit carries a one-year warranty. Installation normally runs about 80 hours.

The Cool AirTM Advantage
  1. High-efficiency components for superior performance.
  2. Extra low compressor vibration and noise.
  3. High velocity 3 speed blower.
  4. Replaceable air filter for cleaner air.
  5. Quiet operation-robust design.
  6. There are no expensive proprietary circuit boards in system.
  7. Short refrigerant lines-reducing potential leaks.

For more information on this modification, contact Gary L. Gadberry.

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